FAQ - Union Representatives




What is the role of a Designated Union Representative (DUR)?


Group representatives (DURS) perform their regularly assigned duties and, in addition, as part of the employees’ work, help to assure compliance with the terms of the TVA-EA Agreement by assisting employees with complaints, providing an easily accessible channel of communication between supervisors and employees, and assisting in the investigation and presentation of formal grievances. They perform these functions by virtue of having been designated by the central office of the EA as the representative of a group of employees defined either as an administrative unit or by work location. TVA considers these functions an important and integral part of the administration of its program.


Are DURs or employees that file a grievance required to take leave to prepare or participate in a grievance conference?

An aggrieved employee and such other employees who represent the employee or act as witnesses for the employee and whose participation in grievance processing is jointly determined by TVA and the union to be necessary are excused from work for the time required to permit such participation without loss of pay.


Is the EA allowed to use TVA bulletin boards?

The EA may post notices on TVA bulletin boards concerning EA meetings and activities, exclusive of membership solicitations. Postings are subject to TVA bulletin board regulations and clearance by designated TVA representatives.


Is it ok to send mail regarding union business through the interoffice mail service?

Mail between TVA and the representatives of the EA and mail between EA representative or members of recognized unions may be transmitted through TVA interoffice mail.


Are EA represented employees required to take leave to attend union meetings during their basic workweek?

Employees who attend meeting sponsored only by a union or group of unions during their basic workweek (your lunch period is not considered part of the basic workweek) do so on annual leave, leave without pay, or by making individual shift swaps or prearranged schedule adjustments. Requests should be made sufficiently in advance to avoid any premium pay to another employee.


Do EA represented employees have to take leave to attend joint union-management activities such as Health & Safety Committee meetings, Progression Plan review boards, etc.?

No, an employee designated by the EA may attend a meeting of a joint union-management group or perform work related to such meetings during the employee’s basic workweek.


Can the EA or its representatives use TVA conference rooms to conduct EA business?

When TVA conference rooms are not in use by TVA or otherwise committed by TVA, they are available for assignment to recognized unions whose memberships are wholly or largely composed of TVA employees. Arrangements to use rooms are made through representatives designated by TVA.