We Are the Voice of TVA Professionals


The Engineering Association (EA) is a professional employee organization, run by and for TVA employees to ensure we have a voice in TVA's future. The EA is recognized as the designated representative for collective bargaining for all TVA engineers, technicians and white collar employees not in management.

Founded in 1937 by engineers, scientists and technical employees who wanted a voice that would represent their concerns on wages, working conditions and other issues existing in the relationship between themselves and TVA.

We communicate with TVA management and public officials concerning a variety of issues, namely needed improvements and challenges we as employees face.  We also negotiate with TVA management regarding: wages, fringe benefits, working conditions, severance pay, reclassification procedures, posting requirements on vacant positions, seniority provisions for directed transfer, and reduce-in-force (RIF). 



In 2009, EA members voted to affiliate with the IFPTE  developing a strategic alliance with an additional group of organized professionals in order to build the EA's capacity and outreach. Over the years, IFPTE has provided us with guidance on a variety of issues.  With their legal, legislative, and organizing support, they guide and inform the EA in best practices. 

In 2012, EA President, Gay Henson, was elected to sit on the IFPTE Executive Board. 

 About IFPTE

The International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers (IFPTE) is a non-profit, employee based organization made up of several autonomous affiliates and was founded in 1918. IFPTE advocates on behalf of more than 80,000 women and men, primarily in professional and technical positions, including all engineering disciplines, along with a wide variety of scientific and research professions, lawyers, administrative judges, and economists all within the private, public, and federal sectors. 

Here are a few examples of other IFPTE affiliates along with the EA:

To learn more visit www.ifpte.org.